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Theory Test

Driving Theory


The Driving Theory test is a multiple choice test of 50 questions, covering all aspects of the Highway Code.


The pass mark for the driving theory test is 43 out of 50.

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Hazard Perception


The Hazard Perception test is a set of 15 video clips lasting about 1 minute each. In 14 of the clips there will be 1 developing hazard, however in 1 of the clips there will be 2 developing hazards. As soon as you see a hazard you need to click the mouse, then click again when you see the hazard develop, you will be scored on how quickly you react to the hazard, 5 points for the earliest you see the hazard down to 0 points for not seeing it at all. No points will be scored for rhythmic clicking of the mouse.


The pass mark for the hazard perception test is 44 out of 75.

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A very important step in learning to drive is taking your theory test. As a learner driver you may have as many lessons as you like, but you cannot book your practical driving test without passing your theory test first. Therefore, while you are learning with Sunny School of Motoring it is a good idea to do theory revision.
To make it as easy as possible to learn, I recommend Driving Test Success it is far cheaper than the DSA version and in my opinion far better. It contains all the information you need to pass. It is laid out in a simple format and contains the entire new official DSA question bank and over 300 sample Hazard Perception clips. With this latest version you can even download audio practice questions on to your iPod or similar.

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